Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On Not So Good Feeling

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February has been great to begin with. I landed a few corporate script writing jobs and one television program. Although it took quite some time for me to harvest my not so ‘great’ labor (payment la dey..!), I feel grateful for at least I have something to hold on to, later.

Why am I feeling not so good lately? I have no idea. I’m feeling like the urge to puke, a great nausea, faint and not to faint. And what’s more, I can’t smell fried foods. This brings to the next understanding. I can’t cook. I can’t stand for a long time, which everybody knows cooking takes ample time of standing. When I refuse to cook, of course it involves a distress to my dear husband and the kids. They no longer have home cooked meals since last week.

I know…. When I pointed out all the symptoms it might sound like I am carrying. I definitely doubt it. But we shall see for the next few days.

I just don’t know what to do now. How to fight these great uncomfortable feelings. I have another job awaits me, the Rasa Halal International for me to scratch. It’s a new approach I have to think of, since their Orient series. Ah yes….. Of course on how to blend in the new host with that program also depends on how my writing would take her to feel at ease with the show. Oh no, I’m not bragging, it is just the nervousness I’m sharing. And I will not spoil it here who is the new face of the RH International series. You might just have to wait.

Ok, back to my not so good elements. I shall get it check soon enough, after I run my own test first! Till then, have a GREAT Tuesday.

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